Digital Strategy discussion opportunity

The following is a message from IS&T we are reposting to raise awareness of:

IS&T has developed a Digital Strategy discussion website to identify innovative and more efficient ways to use IT to deliver the new emerging University Strategy. They are very keen to gather feedback from staff, students and other stakeholders to make developing it a collaborative process. On the site there is a strategy document along with staff discussion boards about digital strategy in learning and teaching, research, digital innovation, one community, mobility, systems & processes and quality. It is a staff-only discussion site but we will be asking for student comment about it too.

Please have a look and let them know what you think – we want to develop a strategy which works for you and our students.

One thought on “Digital Strategy discussion opportunity

  1. David. I think we need something which is much quicker and easier to use than blackboard which now seems quite dated. I also think that we need more staff as a department who can put together learning packages to support undergrad, post grad including CPD work, feed into current courses and help to develop distance learning courses.Sorry I cannot be more specific re equipment and programmes as not up to date with latest innovations in these areas. I have experience of trying to develop material for external partners, the experts we have on the ground are excellent, but if we are to use more technologies, need a few more experts expert . Lynn Kenyon

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