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The Teaching Essentials site has been developed to provide information for academic and learning support staff on specific Learning, Teaching & Assessment topics.

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This site has been created based on recommendations made by the Elementa Review into Academic Working Practice to the University Executive Group.  The recommendation was to improve the collection, storage and dissemination of organisational knowledge and to find a way to co-ordinate and disseminate examples of good academic practice to support academic staff in relation to specific teaching and learning priorities.  The Student Experience Learning and Teaching Committee (SELTC) had also acknowledged this as a priority to support academic staff with specific learning and teaching priorities.

Resources on the site are categorised by topic, currently you can find information about:

The next two topics for inclusion are Writing at University and Peer Assisted Learning.

Documents and links are presented under the following headers:

Key Guides: Documents in this area are those considered to be the ‘must know’ key information for the specific topic area.  There should be 5 -6 documents in this section.

Developing your Practice: This part of the site will hold documents and links to more extensive documents, external sites, publications, etc. relevant to the topic area.  There is no limit to the number of resources.

Case Studies: This part of the site will provide staff with examples of good practice from around the University and its partner colleges.

Policy and Guidelines: It is unlikely that there will be more than one or two items in this area as it relates to policy and guidelines at SHU that affect teaching practice in this topic area.

Further Information: Other areas of the site include ‘Useful Links’, where there are links to other non-topic specific resources, and Blogs and Newsletters about teaching and learning, which will provide direct links to useful blogs and newsletters.

Faculty view: Each topic area also has a filter to allow staff to find resources specific to their faculty.

The site has been created jointly by staff in SLS and Faculty LTA teams, development will continue with the introduction of more topic areas and resources.

If you have any comments about the site or suggestions for other useful resources, please use the Suggestions page of the site or by contacting Zoe Burke at z.burke@shu.ac.uk

The site can be accessed using the following URL http://go.shu.ac.uk/teachingessentials or by clicking on the Teaching Essentials link in the left hand menu of the staff Intranet home page.

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