Case study: Consistent and fast feedback through spreadsheets

A stack of papers

A stack of papers (by striatic, Flickr)

In this case study, a new tool was developed to help staff to deliver consistent, timely and legible feedback.  The initial aim for the project, which responded to feedback from student focus groups, was for the marking teams to find a new method for providing high quality feedback to students quickly. After the first iteration of the tool was tested, it was then developed and refined in consultation with staff in some SBS teaching teams.

The result of the project was the creation of an Excel template tool which offers generic options for aspects such as assessment criteria, weightings and marks, as well as space for individual feedback comments and resource links. The tool can then be printed and attached to physical submissions, or uploaded in digital format to the Blackboard Grade Centre.When put into practice, the refined tool resulted in positive responses from both staff and students, with a reduction in time taken to produce feedback and increased legibility of comments.

You can read more about this approach in the two-page case study entitled: Consistent and fast feedback through spreadsheets.

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