Did you know? There’s an easy way to navigate between students in the Grade Centre during grading

Did you know that there is an easy way to quickly navigate betweeen students in the Grade Centre during grading without having to go back to and load the Grade Centre spreadsheet each time?

Once you have accessed a student’s attempt in the Grade Centre for grading, you can simply move to the next student (or the previous student) by using the navigation buttons next to the student name at the top of the Grade Details page, or clicking the Select Another Student button to open the navigation panel and selecting the name of the student’s attempt you next wish to grade from the User drop-down box. This means fewer clicks to navigate between your students’ attempts.

Screen grab showing how to quickly navigate between users in the Grade Centre

Use the navigation panel at the top of the Grade Details page to quickly move between students’ attempts during grading without reloading the Grade Centre

If you are teaching on a module with multiple instructors and a large student cohort, you can navigate between your own group of students by creating a Smart View containing only your students.

See the self-help article on how to return student marks and feedback online. If you have any difficulty when creating Smart Views, please contact e-learning support via the Bb-support tab in shuspace as usual.

The ‘Did you know?’ series explores possibilities in e-learning that you may not be aware of. See other articles from the series.

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