Don’t forget to make your site available to students!

Image of a man standing next to an advertising sign which says it is available day and night

'Available! Day and Night' by Alan - Just like you want your Blackboard site to be!

Hopefully you’ve been able to fully prepare your Blackboard site so it is ready to use with your students.  However some staff forget the crucial last step of making that site available to students.  If you don’t make your site available, then they won’t be able to access it and take advantage of your work preparing it!

To check if your site is available, just login to shuspace and look at the list of your Blackboard sites.  If ‘(unavailable to students)’ appears next to the name of the site then your students can’t see it and you need to make it available.  Of course if it is a Blackboard site that isn’t used with students yet (such as one for semester two) then you’ll want to keep it unavailable until the right time.

To make your site available, just click the double chevron next to ‘(unavailable to students)’ and select ‘Make available to students’.

A screenshot showing where to click and how to make your site available to students

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