Organisation site archiving is now complete

The archiving of 2010/11 organisation sites has now been completed. Please keep in mind that most organisation sites will need a new version each academic year, so it may be that you need to start using the 2011/12 version of the site. However, if an organisation site has been mistakenly archived which is still being used with a cohort of students then you should request that the site is unarchived.  You can do so in the Bb-support tab in shuspace (use the Support by email option).  Please be sure to provide the exact name (and if you know it, the site code) for this organisation site to facilitate unarchiving of the site.

Most organisation sites for 2011/12 have been set up already as part of the copy process that happens in May (if there was one from the previous academic year). However if you need a new or different organisation site for 2011/12, you should request one by following the instructions on how to request an organisation site.

Note that module sites are no longer archived in the same way. Now while students who took that module remain on the course, the Blackboard site should be available to staff and students (via the ‘All Sites’ tab). If you need a new Blackboard site for 2011/12 then please request one by following the instructions on how to request a module site.

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