Screencast tutorials for students

Some staff members have said they want more resources to help them support their students in Blackboard. Often staff also want to see what the student experience of using Blackboard features is like, particularly around the assessment process.

Image of the start of one of the screencasts

Example screencast

To help with this, we have compiled a list of screencasts we have created that you can use with your students. Currently we have screencasts on three subjects that we’ve creatd: shuspace, Turnitin and submitting SHU Assignments online.  There are also screencasts created by Blackboard, Inc. which are not customised to our environment but may be helpful for your students. They cover using groups, blogs, wikis and discussion boards.

You can add a link to the appropriate screencast(s) into your Blackboard site to help your students understand what to do, as well as seeing the process students go through yourself.

The list of screencasts has also been added to the student ‘Blackboard Help’ knowledge base that students have access to via the menu of their Blackboard sites.  That means that students can access these screencasts directly even if you have not highlighted them on your site.

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