Did you know? Display images inside Blackboard content items

Did you know that you can display images as part of your Blackboard content?

Example of how an image shows up in Blackboard content items

Example Bb image

Some staff may want to show images inside their Blackboard content items, either to make the content more attractive or to make key diagrams, tables or photos more visible to students.  This has been possible in Blackboard for the last few years, but many staff are not aware of it.  The images are displayed as part of the description for a particular content item.  You can have multiple images in one piece of content as well.

Screenshot of the process for adding an image in BlackboardTo add an image, you need to use the ‘Text’ area when creating a new item. There is an Attach Image button (circled in red in the screenshot to the left) inside the editor for the Text area.  Clicking that will pop open a new window which asks you to browse for the image you want to display.  After you select the file and options, press Submit.  The window will then display a preview of how the image will appear. You need to scroll to the right again and press Submit for the image to appear in the Text area.

You can also include images in:

  • test questions and answers
  • a site banner which brands your site
  • blog and wiki posts (students can contribute images too)
  • discussion boards (students can contribute images too)

Note that you can’t display images in Announcements unless they are stored elsewhere like a website or the Content Collection, as the Announcements section does not have the ability to

See the self-help article on how to add images to a Blackboard site for more comprehensive instructions. If you have any difficulty when adding images, please contact e-learning support via the Bb-support tab in shuspace as usual.

The ‘Did you know?’ series explores possibilities in e-learning that you may not be aware of.  See other articles from the series.

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