Don’t forget: Make your site available to students

Once your site has been set up for use with your students: site menu organised, content added, interactive features ready, etc., then there is one crucial step left that a lot of staff members forget.  That step is making your site available to students.  If you don’t do this then all that hard work will go to waste as your students won’t be able to see any of it!

If you look at the Blackboard Sites channel in shuspace, next to any site which is unavailable is the text ‘(Unavailable to students)’.  If you don’t see that then the site is already available for your students.

To make an unavailable site visible to students, in Blackboard 9 you can now simply click the double-chevron symbol next to the site name and select ‘Make available to students’. 

Image of site availability options

The screen should refresh and the site become available.  We recommend doing this for any student-facing sites as soon as the site is ready.

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