The table provides an overview on the work streams and the 2018/19 focus of the Shaping Futures Board




The information below is from the Strategy Implementation Plan, sitting alongside the ten immediate priorities and the key deliverables of the other three pillar boards.


Our vision is to be the world’s leading applied university, achieving outstanding outcomes for our students and our city, and showing the world what a university genuinely focused on transforming lives can achieve.

We will achieve this by shaping the futures of our students. On graduating, our students will be confident, creative, resilient and responsible – prepared for whatever they decide to do.


  • an innovative and coherent applied curriculum
  • consistently outstanding teaching
  • an environment in which all our students are challenged, supported and encouraged to succeed during and after their time at Sheffield Hallam
  • our students are confident, world-ready citizens with the skills, capabilities and knowledge to thrive after graduation

Deliverables to 2020

  • taking clear, targeted comprehensive actions to deliver consistently excellent performance across the whole student lifecycle; including where necessary, specific actions that enhance the outcomes for our students across a range of social diversity characteristics. Moving from pockets of good practice to consistent high performance across the whole institution in relation to:
  1. teaching quality, addressing overall student satisfaction, teaching on my course, and assessment and feedback
  2. retention, addressing academic support and the wider student support offer
  3. employability, through the transformation of our employability offer and the implementation of our employability promise to achieve sector leading highly-skilled employment and postgraduate study outcomes for our students
  • creating a distinctive applied educational offer, underpinned by an ambitious and innovative approach to student recruitment
  • embedding a culture of educational excellence through the establishment of a strong professional academic community – the Hallam Guild
  • ensuring that the right structures are in place to sustain excellence