Hallam Guild

The Hallam Guild was set up in 2017 to contribute to our mission as a world leading applied university and creating an impact locally and globally.

Purpose of the Hallam Guild

  • Cultivates inclusive communities of practice across Hallam staff and students.
  • Incubator of innovative practice regarding our teaching and learning.
  • Scaling up and embedding good practice.

Overarching Aims

  • Creating cross-University communities of practice, comprising of staff and students from across disciplines and professions to engage in scholarship, research and practice.
  • Developing a culture of educational excellence and innovation through building expertise and best practice.
  • Focusing on the widening participation and narrowing the gaps in student outcomes agendas.
  • Demonstrating how learning and teaching contributes to regional and global challenges of the 21st century.

If you have any questions about the Hallam Guild, please get in touch using our contact form.


Information submitted to and collated by the Guild as part of its administration is an integral part of the ongoing evaluation of the Hallam Guild. Applications, video talking heads, attendance and guild group evaluations will be reviewed and analysed as documentary sources for this evaluation. The findings of this analysis will be reported internally through the appropriate governance structures. There may also be an opportunity to discuss and present this work externally and gain feedback from the sector. No course, staff or student member of a Guild group will be identifiable during these discussions.