Student Wellbeing Programme

What is the Student Wellbeing Programme?

The Student Wellbeing Programme being developed at Sheffield Hallam is based on an Enhancing Student Wellbeing framework created by a group of Australian Universities.  It is a framework for implementing a whole university approach and links to other whole institution frameworks including the Universities UK Step Change Framework.

The Student Wellbeing Programme has 6 Action Areas for promoting student mental health and wellbeing as well as institutional enablers.

Health promoting actions:

  • Action Area 1: Foster engaging curricula and learning experiences
  • Action Area 2: Cultivate supportive social, physical and digital environments
  • Action Area 3: Strengthen community awareness and actions
  • Action Area 4: Develop students’ mental health knowledge and self-regulatory skills
  • Action Area 5: Ensure access to effective services
  • Action Area 6: Encourage participation in Sport and Physical Activity

Each Action Area has a number of priority activities and possible measures of progress.







Who is leading the Programme?

Programme Sponsor: Professor Alison Metcalfe, PVC Teaching and Learning

Principle Lead: Claire Gandy, Director of Student Support Services, Student and Academic Services

Project Support: Joanne Eyre, Senior Administrator and Personal Assistant to Joe Rennie

The University is working in partnership with the Students’ Union


Update September 2019

The Project Team are currently working on the following priorities:

  • To establish a governance structure with a Steering Group and clear lines of accountability
  • To identify and confirm thematic leads within the Programme, drawn from the Senior Leaders Group
  • To carry out a stakeholder analysis and ensure stakeholders are introduced to the Programme
  • To agree the priority actions under each Action Area for approval by the Shaping Futures Board
  • To identify the key performance indicators for the Programme


Get in touch

In the Autumn we will be developing an implementation plan.  We are keen to ensure that this reflects existing good practice.  Please get in touch if you are leading a wellbeing initiative you think we should be aware of