Explanation of the Templates

Reporting Streams

Report Name Operational  / Strategic Focus Responsible
Initiative Report Operational Detailed reports used by the Initiative’s governance group for reviewing monthly progress against plans and milestones Senior Response Officer (SRO)*
Work stream Report Operational Similar focus to initiative report Project Managers / Work stream leads
Pillar Board Report (PBR) Strategic An overview on the progress of Work streams and initiatives for review by each board. Focus on what’s new or changed.  Aggregated from the operational reports, and Financials added Strategic Portfolio and Business Change
University Performance Report (IUPR) Strategic Consolidation of the four Pillar Board Report for update at  ULT Strategic Planning and Intelligence

*(or ULT lead where no SRO has been identified) 

All reports include a Red Amber Green rating scale – red and amber are used for highlighting challenging issues.

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