UK Student Recruitment, Marketing and Conversion

Welcome to the work streams page for student recruitment, marketing and conversion across Home markets.  This section contains information about the University’s student recruitment, marketing and conversion plans, along with key updates of actions and impact over the course of the cycle.  There is also information for those involved in student recruitment at course or Department level.

Here you can find out more about the work that takes place to support the University’s strategic ambition to:

‘deliver innovative and responsive recruitment, marketing and conversion activity, which re-enforces our ambitions as the world’s leading applied university, supports long term financial sustainability and is underpinned by rich insight and analysis.’

If you would like more information about any of these documents, or student recruitment and marketing more broadly please contact:
Carol Castle/Cathy Sinclair –  Joint Head of UK Student Recruitment
Adam Sturch – Head of Student Recruitment Marketing


This work is collaborative and is a cross University effort.  A collaborative plan across teams pulls together this work, and the 2018/19 plan can be viewed here

Outputs and impact

Progress against the Plan is monitored via governance structures, at the University Recruitment Committee that reports into Shaping Futures.  Regular ‘checkpoints’ are also taken throughout the cycle, and summaries of activity from these checkpoints can be viewed below.

Are you involved in student recruitment?

The Recruitment Tutor Toolkit provides a series of guides about how academics in a recruitment role can support recruitment, depending on the time you have available.

Areas covered include marketing and communications, recruitment operations, customer insight and schools and colleges activity.