Recruitment Toolkit

What can I do to support recruitment?

This toolkit contains a series of guides about how academics in a recruitment role can support recruitment, depending on the time you have available.

Areas covered include marketing and communications, recruitment operations, customer insight and schools and colleges activity.

If you have one hour

  • Create and update your course or subject talk at open days – read here
  • Encourage your students to capture their experiences by blogging, taking photos and videos or posting to social media – read here
  • Maximise your staff profile – read here
  • Support a school or college visit on campus – read here
  • Work with the media – read here

If you have one day

  • Share stories to develop potential content around your course – read here
  • Review the online prospectus entry for your course to make sure it includes key course features and unique selling points. You can submit copy amends for your online prospectus entry via this change request form.
  • Develop interactive activities at open days – ­read here
  • Support a school or college visit off campus – ­read here
  • Support the conversion call centre – ­read here
  • Support your faculty room at clearing – ­read here
  • Improve your social media presence – ­read here
  • Use the reports on the University’s website, the Source to understand recruitment data for your course – ­read here

If you have one week

  • Write for the news and opinion website, The Conversation – ­read here
  • Develop a new school or college engagement initiative – ­read here
  • Explore and develop strategic partnerships with FE colleges – ­read here
  • Support progression to Sheffield Hallam top-up routes – ­read here