New process for updates to course information on the OLP

We have now launched a new system for course leaders (and other relevant faculty staff) to request updates or report issues with information displayed on the course pages of the OLP.

The new system has been developed by DTS, specifically for OLP change requests, within the UniDesk service management system that is widely used across the university.

The key benefits of the new system are

  • It will automate the triaging of requests made, directing the request straight to the appropriate team based on the request category selected, thereby creating a more efficient process for managing & responding to requests.
  • Colleagues submitting a request will receive an automated confirmation of receipt email and will then receive an initial response from the team responsible for responding to the request within 3 working days.
  • A link to the change request form has been added to the bottom of each course page on the OLP (see below) to enable Faculty colleagues to review the course page and click directly through to make a change request if required.

How do I submit a request?

The link below takes you to a page which provides further guidance on how request changes submitted through the new system will be processed. From this page, you can access the form to submit a change request.

A link to this page can also be found at the bottom of each course page, under the heading ‘Responsible for this course?’, just below the ‘Legal information’ section – as shown below.

The change request form can also be accessed directly via the short URL:

An operator group (made up of staff from across Professional Services) will be meeting over the coming weeks to review the performance of the new change request process and we will continue to engage with Faculties in a range of ways to ensure the new system provides an effective service for stakeholders.

Best wishes,

Adam Sturch, on behalf of Justin Cole (Director of Marketing)

Head of Student Recruitment Marketing

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