Hallam Guild call for proposals 2018-19

The second call for Hallam Guild funding is now open (Deadline for submissions – Friday 5 October)

Dear colleagues

Becoming the World’s Leading Applied University

I’m delighted to announce that we have now opened our second call for Hallam Guild funding.  The first call has supported 11 projects and we will be reporting on these shortly.  Meanwhile, our 2018-19 call for projects is designed to directly focus on our ambition to be the world’s leading applied university.  We are interested in how we, at Sheffield Hallam, are owning, shaping, creating and practicing ‘applied learning’ and/or re-imagining ‘applied’ in the context of our mission to transform lives.  We are starting with two key questions

  1. How are we developing the foremost applied learning that is embedded in all we do?
  2. How does being ‘applied’ transform the lives of our students to enable them to thrive and prosper?

A useful link to approaches around applied learning can be found here https://www.suny.edu/applied-learning/about/definitions/

In addition, the following is an indicative range of areas you might be interested in exploring

  • Enabling applied learning through dialogue and critical enquiry.
  • The place of applied learning in developing the ‘student of the future’.
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to applied learning.
  • Developing student research into/as applied learning.
  • Cross-cultural reflection and applied learning.
  • Developing conceptual understandings of applied learning.
  • Effective environments for developing applied learning.
  • The practice of applied learning.
  • From global to local to institutional – harnessing applied learning to resolving key challenges of our time.

However, and importantly, we are keen to receive applications that extend our own thinking so please submit ideas and proposals that are going to help us in our mission of being the world’s leading applied university.

We are seeking projects proposals from all levels of academic and professional services staff.

It is really important that there are tangible outputs from projects that contribute to realising our strategy of Transforming Lives by being the world’s leading applied university. These might be journal papers, new tools and practices, case studies, or other artefacts which will help build a repository of good practice.  We are particularly interested in how we can take a practice from testing, to incubation, to scaling across the University.

A central principle to such activities should be engaging students as partners in their education, and as co-producers of knowledge.

We will also have a second call for projects specifically led by students later in the academic year.

Proposals are invited for up to £10k. Due to the nature of our funding cycle, we also require projects to be concluded by Friday 28 June 2019 with full write-up and evaluation completed by Friday 26 July 2019 in line with the University’s financial year.

The application form, guidance notes and more details on the Hallam Guild are at the bottom of this post.

Deadline for submissions is 5pm, Friday 5 October 2018.

Please send completed proposals and/or direct any questions regarding this process to the hallamguild@shu.ac.uk.

We are also running a number of drop-in sessions in September to support the development of draft applications. If you would like to attend one of these sessions please email hallamguild@shu.ac.uk.

I really hope you will consider this seriously and apply.  Do encourage colleagues, and especially those who often think these things are ‘not for them’, as we really do want collaborative proposals from as wide a range of staff and students as possible.

Looking forward to seeing some great proposals!

Best wishes, Christina

Professor Christina Hughes, Provost, christina.hughes@shu.ac.uk

Proposal Form                                       Guidance Notes                                       Hallam Guild Summary



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