Choosing a programme of study – undergraduate/bachelors/1st cycle students

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Undergraduate/bachelors/1st cycle students should view our online module lists to build a programme of study. Each module has a link to a descriptor document which will tell you the content of the module, assessment pattern and number of credits.

At SHU, years of study are referred to in the following way:

  • L4 or Level 4 = 1st year
  • L5 or Level 5 = 2nd year
  • L6 or Level 6 = 3rd year
  • L7 or Level 7 = postgraduate/masters/2nd cycle

When selecting modules, please ensure that you choose modules that are running in the period that you will be studying at Sheffield Hallam University. For example:

If you are joining us in Semester 1 (autumn/winter, September – January) you will need to choose modules from this list.

If you are joining us in Semester 2 (spring/summer, January – May) you will need to choose modules from this list.

If you are coming for the full academic year (September – May) you can choose any combination of modules from the above lists as long as you do not exceed the maximum number of credits, and study an equal number of credits per semester.


Students who want to improve their English, can study English for Academic Purposes (44-L04835). This module is a 20 CATs (10ECTs) credits module and is available in semester 1.

Students can also study a language whilst they are at Sheffield Hallam University.  Information relating to languages can be found here:

Semester 1

All languages at all ULS stages

One language for 10 CATs credits (5 ECTS)

Semester 2

As above but not for complete beginners, as students are advised that they are joining the class halfway through the module.

Please note the following conditions:

  • Students will be restricted to studying for 60 CATS credits (30 ECTS credits) in one semester and a total of 120 CATS credits (60 ECTS credits) for a full year.
  • Most Level 6 business modules assume previous knowledge of the subject, as do most finance modules at Level 5 and Level 6. Level 7 modules are restricted to Masters / 2nd cycle / Postgraduate students only. Students are requested not to apply for any of these modules unless they satisfy this requirement.
  • Your module choices must be approved by your home university, and the learning agreement document must be signed and stamped by your institution’s representative.
  • You must choose the required the number of credits and a minimum of 2 reserve choices. We reserve the right to return learning agreements submitted without these secondary choices being made.
  • Students will be allocated to classes on a first come, first served basis.
  • All modules listed are subject to availability. The Sheffield Business School reserves the right to close classes if numbers rise or fall above or below a certain level.
  • All module choices are subject to timetable compatibility.