When you arrive in Sheffield

Meet and Greet Desk

You should visit the desk in the main entrance at City Campus as soon as you arrive in Sheffield. You can ask us any questions you have and we can give you important information. The Meet and Greet Desk offers you

  • free transport with your luggage to your accommodation
  • information about orientation, banking and enrolment
  • a social events calendar – including campus and city shopping tours
  • free giveaways

Opening hours are 9am– 6pm (0900–1800)

If the desk is closed

If the main University entrance is closed, ring the bell which is on the right-hand side of the door. Security staff will meet you and arrange for a taxi to take you to your accommodation (that you should have already booked in advance).

Contacting home

Your family will want to know that you have arrived safely in Sheffield. We cannot respond to families who want to check that you have arrived unless we have your permission. We can direct you where to access the internet, buy an international SIM card or unlock your mobile phone.

January arrivals

The University will be closed for Christmas from 22nd December 2017 until 2nd January 2018 and you will not be able to contact anybody in the University during this period.

Sheffield can be cold in January and it may snow, so bring warm clothes with you.

Important tasks you must complete

1. Attend the Orientation Programme

This includes a series of sessions organised by International Experience Team that will introduce you to Sheffield and the University.

2. Pre-enrol online

You must pre-enrol online – you will receive an email to invite you to pre-enrol once you have arrived at the University. If you do not, visit the Meet and Greet Desk after you arrive.

3. Enrol on to your exchange programme

This is when you officially register on to your exchange programme. We will tell you your enrolment date shortly before you are due to arrive at the University. If you arrive and do not know when this is, visit the SHIP helpdesk in the Stoddart Building. You must enrol before you can receive your SHUcard, which is your university identification.University identification.

4. Attend your exchange programme induction

This is arranged by your faculty and includes a series of sessions to introduce you to your course. You will meet your teachers who will explain what to expect on your course and explain your timetable to you. It includes tours of your faculty, library and IT facilities, as well as social events. Your faculty helpdesk will be able to answer questions about induction.

Orientation Programme

Orientation takes place before the start of your exchange programme. The University recommends that all international/EU students attend orientation. It includes

  • the chance to meet staff and students and make friends
  • sessions about University study and life in Sheffield
  • the ‘meeting new people, making local connections’ workshop
  • information about our support services and staying safe
  • advice about opening a bank account
  • registering with the police (if required)
  • medical centre registration
  • social events, trips and international parties

Find out about more activities during your stay

International Students’ News

We will send this to your University email inbox every fortnight. It includes information about social activities and events, as well as immigration, job opportunities and other important news. Visit https://blogs.shu.ac.uk/global/

Twitter and Facebook

We will keep you up to date with social events and important announcements.

Meet people from around the world with SHU GoGlobal activities

  • Global Friends – This scheme puts you in touch with local families to experience British culture – they may take you to their favourite place in Sheffield or invite you to their home.
  • Conversation Club – This is one of the best ways to meet friends from around the world. Practise your English by participating in informal conversations, enhanced by music, videos and interactive games to help you start talking.
  • Culture Connect – This is a new peer mentoring scheme to help you make friends and settle into life at Sheffield Hallam University and the UK. This is an opportunity to improve your English and learn about other cultures. You will meet your mentor regularly and discuss ways you can meet British students, other international students and local people.

Join the SHU GoGlobal Facebook page to find out about the above opportunities.

SHU Fest

SHU Fest is a huge week-long annual festival in March, which celebrates the talent and diversity of our students and staff. There will be live performances, interactive workshops and social events across the University. This includes film screenings, music, dancing, craft and more. Can you sing, dance or play an instrument? Do you want to gain experience for your CV by organising an event? Join the SHU GoGlobal Facebook page to find out more.


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