Meet the team – Dr Amanda West

Dr Amanda West

Over the coming months, our Team Spotlight series is profiling different teams in the faculty. This edition sees us focus on the Faculty Leadership Team’s Dr Amanda West (interim head of the academy of sport and physical activity) . . .

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what brought you to Hallam?

I was a research student here 30 years ago and loved the city and the polytechnic as it was then. I especially like being able to chat to random strangers on the bus or go out walking my dog. Although Sheffield is bigger than Manchester, for me it has a real sense of community. I’m very lucky to have some great walking and mountain biking routes on my doorstep. Overall, I’m delighted to be back!  Beyond the city I was drawn to working in the academy because of the opportunity to make a real difference not only to colleagues, but also to students teaching and researching in sport and physical activity.

What are you currently working on in your role?

I’ve been interim head for eight months and I’m trying to build a team and a community as the old academy and the old research centres have merged.  We are in the middle of a review of the undergraduate courses and generally I’m still working to get my head around my role and probably giving headaches to a few people as a result. Although I really don’t mean to! So here’s my chance to apologise where I’ve done that.

How might you be able to help colleagues?

I’ve worked in four different universities and have experience of leading and managing projects and people. I’m always keen to hear how other people do things, so if anyone would like a chat then please just drop me a line.

And here are a few fun facts . . .

Hobby  Walking my dog
Favourite film  The Third Man, Dir. Carol Reed
Favourite book  Gentleman Jack by Anne Choma
Favourite place/holiday  SW France
Favourite gig  Tina Turner/Madonna in concert, 1994.
Favourite quote  ‘Sometimes less is more’
First job  Paper round started aged 11.  I did it until I was 18.
Biggest unknown accomplishment  I am about to give blood for the 50th time.

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