Robert Winston Building Annexe

The University has identified an immediate need to relieve pressure on teaching spaces at Collegiate Campus due to increased numbers expected in areas of Development and Society and the continued strength of numbers in Health and Wellbeing.

Although the University is developing a new masterplan framework and capital plan, to provide a clear direction for our estate for the next 15 years, there is a need to put measures in place to bridge the gap between our current position and the future aspirations for the estate, whilst supporting a positive student experience and allowing for changes to student numbers.

The University has submitted a planning application to the council to place a two storey, temporary building on the section of land which sits within the Robert Winston site (the planted quad area).

The temporary building will consist of:

  • Four general purpose rooms each with a capacity of 30
  • an IT space with a capacity of 40
  • a social learning space.

The space has been designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the requirements of teaching across campus, both HWB and D&S could be timetabled to use the space.

The work will take place from early September to the end of 2017 and the space should be  available for timetabling for semester two. Please be aware that you may see our contractor on the proposed site in the coming days ahead of planning permission being granted.

Whilst we acknowledge the work will cause disruption, we aim to keep stakeholders informed throughout the project.

If you have any queries about the work please contact David Boden, Technical Services Manager: