Robert Winston Building – FAQs

1.There are a number of trees on site including a large one will we be removing it? We are concerned this may cause unwanted attention.
The large tree will be removed, but we will replace any trees we remove once the site is returned to its former use with a suitable alternative. These arrangements will be confirmed once all planning conditions are received. Proper planning process followed.

2. What happens to the site after the job?
It will be reinstated to its existing state and usage.

3. When will planning be approved?
We have a planning application in now and we will have approval between now and 28th August at the latest.

UPDATE: Planning permission was granted on 25/08/17.

4. The temporary classrooms back onto our plinth rooms which means people in a state of semi-undress maybe on view to those working on site will we provide any means to obscure windows as needed?
We will work with HWB to find a solution to this which may include blinds or film on the windows.

5. There are two memorial benches on the proposed site what will happen to these?
We are looking at suitable alternative positions for these benches.

6. There was an agreement originally that the area would be used by OT students what will happen now?
The area has not been well used by these students and, after liaising with the OT Dept., a number of years ago we provided some raised beds on campus (near the sensory garden) as a more suitable alternative. These have not been extensively used, but if OT wish to use these going forward there are still some available to them. Contact Katie Jones for further information.

7. What about the increase in numbers during semester one? How will we satisfy that?
Currently teaching is being scheduled wherever possible to meet the agreed timetabling principles. However not all principles will be met in Semester one and the temporary building will enable us to rectify this for Semester two.

8. Why do we have to use temporary accommodation?
The University is currently developing a new masterplan framework and capital plan, to provide a clear direction for our estate for the next 15 years. In the interim we need to put measures in place to bridge the gap between our current position and the future aspirations for the estate, whilst supporting a positive student experience and allowing for changes to student numbers.

There is also a more immediate need to relieve pressure on teaching spaces at Collegiate Campus due to increased numbers expected in areas of Development and Society and the continued strength of numbers in Health and Wellbeing.

With this in mind we are submitting a planning application to the council to place a two storey temporary building on the section of land which sits within the Robert Winston site.

9. What will be building and what will it include?
The planning application is for a two storey temporary building on the section of land which sits within the Robert Winston site (the planted quad area). The temporary building will consist of four general purpose rooms each with a capacity of 30, an IT space with a capacity of 40 and a social learning space. The space will be designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the requirements of teaching across campus, meaning both HWB and D&S could be timetabled to use the space. Following the success of Willow and Chestnut on Collegiate Campus we are confident that this solution should provide excellent learning space for our students and a positive environment for staff to teach in, whilst longer term solutions are agreed.

10. Will the IT space be in the same style as Heart of the Campus?
The layouts show the style for the IT space. This has taken into consideration the need for a x40 group size capacity, the need for specific methods of teaching and the size restrictions of the new building. The room will be similar to the set up in D102 currently used by D&S.

11. Why is there a social learning space when we need more classrooms?
Students need space to work in groups and study independently. The rooms have been designed flexibly meaning the usage can switch if needed.

12. Who will be using the space?
The space is being designed as flexible as possible to specifically enable groups across both Faculties based at Collegiate to use it.

13. When will the work take place?
The work will take place from mid-July and the building will be finished for Christmas 2017. The space should be fully available for timetabling for Semester two. Please be aware that you may see our contractor on the proposed site in the coming days ahead of planning permission being granted. A more detailed plan will be available as the job progresses.

UPDATE: The work will start week commencing 4th September.

14. Will it be noisy?
There will be levels of noise throughout the build. We are working closely with areas specifically affected to find temporary solutions for particular issues.

15. Will we lose any car parking?
During construction three spaces will be lost down the side of RWB these will be reinstated and back in use for the duration the temporaries are in place/use.

16. What are the plans for Broomhall Road parking and timescales?
The council has put in an application to improve cycling and pedestrian access in this area. This has been done independently of the University. Individuals have been encouraged to give feedback and the university has fed back concerns from HWB regarding the need for long stay car parking rather than short stay.

17. What are the timescales for these temporary buildings?
Planning permission is currently requested until July/August 2017. They will be in use for Semester two – Jan 2018.

18. What are the long term plans for Collegiate (Woodville etc.)?
There will be longer term plans for Collegiate as part of the masterplan for the entire University estate and we will be able to share these with you once they have been worked up further. We expect this to be in January 2018.

19. Are we keeping Willow and Chestnut? I thought the planning permission for them ran out soon?
We have planning permission until July 2018 for Willow and Chestnut.

20. Can we move teaching out from Southbourne into the new building?
Teaching will not be moved from areas where it is currently timetabled, unless it is timetabled outside core hours. These requests will be considered on a case by case basis through individual discussions between academics and the space and timetabling teams.

21. Will there be a blocking out of light to RWB how will we address this?
We will be working with individual areas to see what measure need to be put in place.

22. Can’t we move the teaching to City?
We are having similar problems at City so there is very little capacity anywhere on either Campus at the moment due to how we have to timetable space. At City we are currently hiring external venues to combat this. Collegiate doesn’t have the available spaces around it like City does to present this option.

23. Willow and Chestnut have had some issues e.g. heating and the supporting facilities how can we ensure this won’t be the case?
We have learnt from these issues and hope this means the same issues will be avoided. Following the rectification of these issues Willow and Chestnut have been successful teaching spaces so we are confident the new building should offer the same. Catering will be on hand in The Crescent to service this building.

24. Are these going to be the same as Willow and Chestnut?
These are modern temporaries will be comparable to any other teaching space in the University.

25. Can we have drinks and food in the social learning space?
In short yes. The space will operate in a similar way to Saunders. Meaning students can eat and study in the space. The space will be made vending ready should that option be needed.

26. Will the benches remain in the courtyard area?
Yes benches will remain although their position may adjust.

27. Will we lose any car parking?
Three spaces will be lost for a short period of the work, but will be returned to use for the duration of the project following this and after the build is complete.

28. Will the footpath to the car park at the back of the building stay in use?

29. How high is the building?
Two storeys.

30. When are we starting and finishing the work?
The programme is still to be finalised, but work will begin later in the summer and the new building will open in January.

31. What’s the most disruptive part of the work?
This will depend on the programme and where you are based. We will provide more details in the fortnightly updates we are committed to giving to the Faculty of HWB and D&S.

32. What about Woodville teaching can’t we use that now as a temporary option?
No, there is simply so much to do to Woodville to make it compliant and suitable for teaching that this is not a cost effective temporary option.