5 Ways I’m Spending my Summer

For myself, and I’m sure many others, Summer plans have drastically changed due to COVID-19. I was hoping to go on a holiday abroad with my partner and work to save money. Although for some those things may still be possible, for me they aren’t, meaning I have had to come up with new ways to spend my time.

Today I’m going to share with you five ways in which I plan to spend the rest of my Summer break, in the hopes that they may be helpful to you.


With two Labradors, I definitely go on my fair share of walks. However, I will be using this time to explore local green spaces and tracks that I may not usually visit. I live near a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty so plan to take full advantage of that, particularly to soak up the sunny weather!

Baking or cooking




Baking is something I don’t get much chance to do whilst I’m at University, so I’ve took this chance to bake cakes for different family members (also giving you a good reason to visit and have a catch up!). I also made a graduation themed cake for my boyfriend to give myself a challenge recently!





I recently made a long list of odd-jobs that I’ve been avoiding for a while. It includes things such as sorting TAX returns and finances, organising my wardrobe and other boring tasks which I usually ignore. I’ve found that this is the perfect opportunity to get around to all of those tasks and finally have them ticked off your mental (or physical!) to-do list. I’ve found this also helps me have a clearer and calmer headspace.



I really miss my friends whilst in Sheffield and it’s been hard not visiting them during lockdown. Now we can meet people (whilst following the rules, of course!) I plan to use my time to catch up with friends and a great way to do this is through a picnic. You can all take your own food and blanket to minimise contact and I also made sure to pack sun cream.


Remote jobs

If you would still like to earn some money but don’t want to work on-site you might want to consider a remote job as many are currently advertised. This could include working in a call centre or writing online articles.

I hope my summer plans have been of some help to you and I hope you have a great summer!


Written by #HallamInsider Rhianne Saunders