5 Top Tips for studying at home

Life as we know it is constantly changing and people all over the world are having to adapt to new ways of living and working, including students. With teaching at Hallam moving online and university buildings becoming inaccessible, studying from home is the new norm for many of us today. It can be a difficult to make the switch to homework and online material so here are a few tips to make the whole transition a lot smoother.





Illustration by #HallamInsider Laura Dowson

1.      Have a separate “work only” space

It’s essential to have a work – personal life division and a great way to begin is to designate one area of your home solely to your studies. Whether that be a desk tucked away in the corner of your bedroom or a complete home office in another part of the house, keeping your work and personal spaces two separate things will help you distinguish work from your free time.

2.      Take breaks

Establishing a balance between work and your personal, free time is just as important as having a separate space to work in. Reward yourself for your hard work and use rests as an incentive to crack on.

3.      Have a routine

Setting yourself a routine helps you better manage your time and therefore your studies. A good way to do this is by sticking to your usual uni timetable and allocating certain times of the day to particular projects.  Use your weekdays to get on with coursework and revision and leave the weekends for relaxing and much-needed downtime.

4.      Make the most of the internet

With teaching switching to online, most tutors have made themselves available for 1:1 tutorials via video calls, phone calls or email. As well as this, lecture slides and seminar discussion boards have been uploaded to Blackboard to keep students in the loop when it comes to course content. Hallam students also have access to Library Gateway where you can access 1000s of books and pieces of academic literature as well as advice from the academic skills advisers to support you in your studies.

5.      Keep your phone at bay

Maintaining focused when you’re not in your typical, classroom style setting can make it especially difficult to avoid distractions; mobile phones included. Leaving your phone in a separate room whilst you study will help you avoid picking it up to check Twitter every two minutes.

This was written by #HallamInsider Alex Cutts