Five of my money-saving tips

By Hannah Parker, BA (Hons) Business and Enterprise Management.

A large part of being at university is budgeting and learning how to manage your money – it can be so hard to keep on top of things! So here are a few of the ways I manage my money to help you out.

  1. Try not to go into your overdraft

If I can avoid it then I don’t go into my overdraft. The repayments and interest aren’t worth it! You can always get a job in your spare time to earn some extra cash (there’s plenty of spare time at uni!!)

  1. Keep a budget

I find that an easy way to keep track of my budget is on my notes on my phone as I always have my phone on me, so I put it in as soon as I spend it. Or you could try a budgeting app – there are loads to choose from. For some people, a budget book can be really beneficial as long as you make sure to keep on top of it!

  1. Create a meal plan

Having a meal plan makes it easier to know what food to buy, and I don’t buy food that goes to waste. Being able to meal plan will help you to keep organised and stay healthy too.

  1. Take cash on nights out

When I have night out – whether that’s in a bar or a club or even the cinema – I leave my bank card at home and disable Apple Pay as it stops me from overspending. I budget in advance for how much I want to spend and just take cash out, then when it’s gone – it’s gone!

  1. Divide up your maintenance loan

A good way to plan what you’re spending is to split up your loan and give yourself a certain amount to spend each week. This way you won’t find yourself short of cash a month down the line.

I hope this helps you to budget a bit better and save some money! I know this has helped me.

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