5 things to fill your summer with

By Rachel Measures, BA (Hons) Media, 3rd Year


It’s the time of year we’ve all been wishing for after months of stress. The sun is out, exams and assignments are over- and we can all relax, as another academic year is over! But soon enough, the joy from having no assignments to do is gradually replaced by the feeling of being lost and a little bored as there’s nothing to do and less people around.

If, like me, you hate this feeling, and are desperately praying for September to roll around so that you can see your friends again, you will need my 5 tips for keeping yourself busy- especially if you choose to stay in Sheffield over the summer:


(Photo credit: Brooke Cagle)

1. Work

I know I know, you just want a break, but getting a job at this time of the year is perfect. It helps fill your time now that you have no lectures, but it’s also fantastic for your CV and for saving your money for the next academic year. Plus there are usually loads of jobs going at this time as everything adjusts for students coming and going. Don’t forget, having a job means you get to see people too.

For finding work, I swear by Unihub, run by Sheffield Hallam’s own careers team. This website makes finding jobs so much easier. There are on-campus jobs and off-campus jobs, one-off opportunities and full-time opportunities, as well as summer internships and graduate schemes. The website even includes voluntary openings, and applications are usually quite straight-forward- perfect for getting a job to keep you busy!




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2. Volunteer

Maybe you want a little less commitment, or you can’t find a job that you want – you can always fill your time by volunteering. As I said above, Unihub advertise a range of voluntary opportunities, but Sheffield Hallam’s Student’s Union also have a great volunteering service where you can come up with your own projects, get involved with other people’s projects, or simply take part in one-off voluntary opportunities.

These opportunities are great for your CV, but also for meeting new friends and exploring a bit more of Sheffield.



3. Travel/Explore

Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a holiday and take some time to unwind- whether you go on a family holiday or get a bunch of friends together, it can be great to go somewhere new, to relax and to explore.

If you don’t feel like holidaying, or can’t quite afford it, summer is still great for exploring more of Sheffield. Head out to the Peak District or the Botanical Gardens, find those quieter cafes, or walk to parts of town you don’t usually go.




(Photo credit: Steve Johnson)

4. Pick a new hobby

Whether it be simply catching up on reading, making a scrapbook, cycling around the Peak District, or taking up photography – whatever it be, finding a new hobby is such a fun way to use up some of your free time in summer, and can add to your skills while enabling your ‘me time’, helping you to relax after a hectic year at university.




(Photo Credit: Thought Catalogue)

5. Get ready for next year

So, it might sound daft to do anything remotely assignment related when you’ve just finished a stressful year or are dreading going into the next, but sometimes preparation really makes all the difference- whether that is mentally preparing yourself so you can start your year confidently and quickly, buying stationary and notebooks so that you can start your year organised, or looking into some of the content so you can prepare yourself for upcoming assignments – it all helps to make the new semester feel less scary.


Whatever you decide to do, make the most of your summers during university! Because, as many 3rd years know, they won’t always be so free!