5 Reasons to do extra-curricular activities at Hallam

We’re all crazy busy, it’s just a fact of life. You’ve got this deadline and that deadline, 9am lectures and mid-week trips to Bierkeller. Course based activities are only a very small part of what you can and should get involved in during your time at Sheffield Hallam.

Believe me, three or four years at university sounds like a really long time, but it goes so fast, you really have to make the most of everything that’s on offer before your time is up. Here are some of my reasons why you should take part in extra-curriculars alongside your studies, from football to knitting, volunteering to on-campus work.

Career Benefits


It’s true, even if your interest has absolutely nothing to do with your study area or chosen career path, taking part in extra-curricular activities can still be beneficial. For a start, having interests and passions is great for adding colour to your CV; it shows you’re a well-rounded person who makes the most of their spare time and takes care of themselves – unless of course you’re a dare-devil base jumper or something.

Aside from the added colour for your CV, it’s also perfect for interviews, okay it probably won’t help you answer any of those questions about team work or handling customers but, it’s perfect for small talk and if any personality oriented questions come up. What would you say is one of your strengths, what is one of your weaknesses? Say that you play in the Sheffield Hallam football team, you’re a bit competitive but you’re a team player – in football and in the office. Boom.

Meet New People

Getting to know people at the start of first year is one of every fresher’s big worries. Even for me as a postgraduate student, it’s not always easy. Joining a society, taking part in a sport, volunteering, they’re all great ways to meet new people outside of your course and halls.

Even if you only see them at rugby matches or society meetings and don’t really interact with them much in between, it all adds to your experience and social circle.

Health Benefits

If you’re doing something that makes you relaxed and cheerful, it’s a great boost for your well-being. Mentally, emotionally and physically you’ll be more chilled, more motivated and more positive thinking. Hopefully, this will translate to less exam stress and productiveness when it comes to completing university assignment work. And bonus, if you’re doing something that requires physical effort, you’ll be keeping active at the same time! This is not only great for your physical health, but perfect for releasing lots of those lovely endorphins for a hit of happiness.

Grow as a person

Aside from benefiting your career prospects on paper, extra-curricular activities are a great way to develop and grow as a person. You can learn new skills with the Knit Like Your Nana Society, grow in confidence by setting up a volunteering project, develop an interest in sports coaching from your involvement in the Hallam swimming team. All of this contributes to your personal development whilst you’re at Hallam which, arguably, is what coming to University is all about!


At the end of the day, no matter what your activity involves, if you’re willing to put time and energy into it, there must be some element of fun or enjoyment to it. Maybe you’re part of the scuba-diving society or Hallam Harmonies; it doesn’t matter, if you’re enjoying it, that’s the most important thing.