Cinemas in Sheffield City Centre

By Christian Hassell, BA (Hons) Film and Media Production, 3rd Year.

Since the time I was kicked out of Stuart Little 2 for crying (I was like 3 or something), going to the cinema has been a past time of great enjoyment, regardless of the tears. My love of the cinema is also something that drew me to do a film course here at Hallam. With that in mind and my terrible childhood story over, which is the best cinema in Sheffield?



1. Showroom Cinema

The Showroom has the most basic seating in the list. With 4 screens, a café and rota of independent to mainstream filming. Opposite to the Students’ Union. So, finished your lecture? Why not drop by and fill your time with a film?
Prices are somewhat average with one exception.
Full Price £9
Concessionary price- £6.80
Off-peak prices for students – £6 (before 5pm Monday to Friday)
However, there is a Cine-26 promotion that offers tickets for £4.50 for under 26 year olds once you sign up.


The Showroom may seem a little outdated when comparing it to the new age cinemas, but it makes up for this with some of the cheapest ticket prices (CINE-26) and close proximity to Hallam.


2. The Light Cinema Experience

Located on the Moor Market, it can sometimes be tricky to find for some reason. (Funny story, I actually used to work here, and a lot of people weren’t aware that it was open until almost 6 months later!) With that added bit of knowledge of what happens behind closed doors, it’s interesting to know that the popcorn is made in house, and the saying ‘no expense spared’ is a phrase that I am surprised they haven’t used yet.


The seating is actually one of, if not the best, for cinemas in Sheffield. All 9 screens have deluxe seating at no added cost.

It is a shame however, that IMAX screens aren’t used for that extra bit of detail. But at the end of the day, you can get a pint or a glass of wine and sit with it in the cinema screen, and the seats don’t give you an aching backside.

Student price – £7.95 (online with my light £7.20)

Student price (Monday to Friday before 5pm) – £7.45 (online with my light £6.70)

There are 2 types of membership. The Free online booking version offers 10% off online bought tickets only, while The Infinity membership is priced at £16.95 a month. This reduces food on the bar, but allows free viewing of any film you want!

However, buying tickets online can get you 10% off ticket prices- but there’s a catch! The website has from the very start been awful to navigate, and with constant updates it’s only recently been bearable. So, does that 10% help?

Top Tip: Remember to bring your student card- not the NUS, but your Hallam SHU card- or you won’t get that student discount, and you’ll be paying £10.95 as an adult!



This cinema is a contender for the best seating and cinema over all. It has great reclining seats, a beautiful bar and a balcony. They also have Sony 4k projectors, so although the screens aren’t as large, it still benefits the film, as the pixel density is spread over a smaller area (I do film as a degree, trust me).

In short, Curzon offers a great service with the same ability to bring drinks into the screen as the Light. However, unlike the Light it doesn’t have tables for your seat.

 Student Price – £8.00 (Member £7.00)

Off peak – £7.00 (Members £5.00)

Student membership are free. But other memberships are available at a price. Benefits for paid members include 4 free tickets, priority bookings and no bookings fees! It is important to note that the paid membership was awarded best value by time out 2017!


4. Odeon

The bread and butter of cinemas, if there ever was one. Odeon offers the cheapest tickets in Sheffield compared to every other cinema. But this is hindered by the awful seating that is a pain in everyone’s backside.

Student Prices -£5.50

Odeon Limitless cards cost £17.99 a month. This offers limitless viewings of any film.

Odeon, unlike any of the other cinemas in Sheffield also offer ‘Meerkat movies’ which, to the lucky people who have them, can benefit a showing with a friend.

In short, Odeon offers the cheapest non-member price for a student ticket as well as the cheapest membership price, while still being close to Hallam’s city campus.


So which is the best overall cinema in Sheffield? I always go for the best seating, so The Light and Curzon but if you’re after a cheap ticket, you always have the Odeon or the Showroom.