Loving yourself this Valentine’s

By Lizzie Midgley-Peters, BA (Hons) Creative Writing, 2nd Year.

So it’s that time of year again. Everywhere we look we see people splashing out and making romantic plans for their loved ones. Now, I might be an embarrassing romantic at heart, but this year, I wanted to focus on another way we could use this holiday.

The romantic festivities of Valentine’s Day might be lovely for some, but if you’re alone this Valentine’s, or even if you do have someone special in your life, but you’re feeling a little run down, trying to spread love to someone else can feel extra difficult. Like people say, you really can’t pour from an empty cup.

So this year, instead of trying to send all of your love to another person in your life, have a think about creating some space to send some extra love to yourself.

This doesn’t have to be extravagant. You don’t have to take yourself out for dinner, or buy yourself any big romantic presents (but by all means, go for it if you do fancy something like that!) But why not just spend the day, or at least some of it, doing something that makes you feel great?

Whether that’s getting back into an old hobby, exercising, reading, pampering yourself, cooking your favourite food, doing something creative… Or even just resting and taking a break from studies or stressful responsibilities for a few hours. Whatever. Make some time for you.

And you don’t need to feel guilty for doing this. If there is another half in your life, you’ll be able to show them love that much better once you’ve taken care of yourself. So let go of your guilt and dive into a bit of extra self-care this Valentine’s.