My Volunteering Story

By Rachel Measures, BA Hon Media, 3rd Year 

At the end of my first year, I became a project leader, almost accidentally. I had never considered volunteering and I had spent my first year thinking that’s something I should do, but I never made time to do it. Then, two members of the SHSU Volunteering Team entered my seminar and got us into groups to create a project idea. After this, I went with one of my course mates to The Hubs and made the project idea a reality. This project became a one-off session called ‘Summer Ballin’’. It was extremely successful.


Since then, we have run another 6-week ‘Make-A-Mag’ project, where we created a magazine with a group of Year 6 students. We were very proud of our project but we also found that other people were too. ‘Make-A-Mag’ received an award at The Volunteering Celebration Evening this past summer.

What’s next?

Going forward into my third year, I am starting my second year as Social Secretary of the Volunteering Committee planning bigger and better socials such as the popular Pub Style Quiz Bingo nights, as well as continuing ‘Make-A-Mag’ so that we can inspire another group of primary school students with the world of journalism, media and publishing.

So… Why Volunteer?

  • Gain confidence;
  • Gain experience;
  • Meet new people;
  • Have fun!

Volunteering Fair

With Welcome Week drawing to a close and students finally feeling settled in, the excitement of ‘Freshers’ is beginning to dull. However, there are still a few activities planned, and we are getting closer to the Volunteering Fair on Tuesday 10th October.

Starting at 10am until 4pm, and based at Sheffield Town Hall, the Volunteering Fair, partnered with Voluntary Action Sheffield, is going to be the biggest yet. There will be over 60 different charities and organisations, along with 10 fantastic team projects attending. It will definitely be packed with loads of opportunities waiting to be grabbed, and its best to grab them now before it’s too late.

Too many students leave university regretting not doing more – don’t be one of them. Go to the fairs and sign up for a great experience. Not only will you be doing things, you’ll be stopping yourself from getting bored, and it will ensure that your CV is enriched and that you have experiences to talk about, whether that be in an interview or on a date. Remember, university is 50% your course and 50% everything else.

Don’t panic! If, for any reason, you cannot attend the fair, you can talk to the SHSU Volunteering Team down at the Student’s Union anytime. Just walk into The Hubs and continue forward and you will soon see their lovely faces, waiting to help.

For more information about the Fair, click here

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