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Feature in Tes re: governments core framework for initial teacher training , i newspaper political piece in the general election , study done on vulnerable people being failed by energy companies , wildlife article on the turnstone- a small scavenger bird , BBC news piece on the floods in South Yorkshire , BBC and Sky news articles on flooding in Doncaster, international police partnership led by Hallam, report into the rate of freed prisoners killing themselves after release, Indian police officers visit to South Yorkshire coverage, article in the Conversation on how nationalising Britain’s energy network could benefit consumers, BBC Radio 4 piece on how environmental issues might affect voters decisions in election, Yorkshire Post piece about flood prevention measures, Tes feature about fixed seating plans in the classroom, Doncaster free press piece about changes to homes needed to reduce the impact of flooding, article in the Express Tribune about liberalism in Pakistan, ITV Calendar report on air pollution in Sheffield  and an academic spoke to First Post and Yahoo India following research into sexual violence against women in India

WonkHE blog about needing for support understanding data and evidence, Hallam to evaluate youth crime prevention project, Sunday Politics- the Benn act and Brexit, BBC Radio 4 report on CRESR research into former coalfield sites, The Guardian featured the 12 photos to go on display as part of Earth Science Week with one of the ones taken by Rob Storarar, BBC Radio Sheffield interview about separate number plates for echo friendly vehicles and City Lab interview about terms emotive terms can                                                                                          misrepresent the way that species flourish in the                                                                              city

Socialist activist heritage walk, Don’t forget the Elephant Hawk, prorogation and the parliament, how people and communities can make a change and the Amery ice shelf produces Sydney sized ice berg


Sustainable travel, problems with predicted grades, policing, anti-knife crime, environment and sports disqualifications




Environment, education, politics, human rights, law and economics



Policing, India, crime, language, allegations and languages



Crime, education, psychology, modern slavery, environment, law, history, politics and English.



Politics, education, psychology, criminology and building surveying



Crime, education, English, environment and politics


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