New in Blackboard: Visual improvements for Grade Centre (and more tools optimised for mobile devices)

This article is part of a series explaining the enhancements that will be introduced as part of the Blackboard upgrade scheduled for 18-20 January 2019.

Blackboard have introduced visual improvements for Grade Centre, as well as continuing to develop tools that they are visually ‘responsive’ and better optimised for use on mobile devices.

Visual improvements for the Grade Centre:

  1. You will be able to launch a full-screen view of the Grade Centre. The number of grade columns and rows of students will ‘respond’ or expand to fit the resolution of the screen while still retaining all Grade Centre functionality. Simply click the ‘four-corner arrows’ button to launch the full-screen view, and the same button again to close and return to the standard Grade Centre view.Snip of Grade Centre showing location of the button that launches the full-screen Grade Centre view
  2. Grade columns show the full name of the assessment. This will help you easily distinguish at a glance different assessments that start with the same name.

Snip of the Grade Centre demonstrating the full assessment names in grade columns

Tools better optimised for use on mobile devices:

  • Blogs – posts and comments composed with responsive content will render on smaller devices. Options for filtering posts or navigating groups or users will appear below currently viewed posts.
  • Tests – question types have been better optimised for display on smaller devices.
  • Learning Modules – the table of contents will always be pinned to the bottom of the page and can be expanded or collapsed.Settings such as forced sequence and allowing students to navigate using the table of contents are honoured.

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