Student Portal name chosen – MyHallam

In the end there were nearly 500 entries to student competition to choose a name for the new student portal replacing shuspace. The following five names were picked by the shortlisting panel:

  • SHUniverse
  • HallamHome
  • HallamCentral
  • MyHallam
  • HallamSpace

There was also a prize of SHU-branded items the shortlisting panel agreed to give to the most humourous name suggested. Socks Space won, beating out a large number of Hallam McHallamy Face type entries, and other good ones, such as Hallami and ValHallam.

The University Leadership Team picked MyHallam as the new name for the portal from amongst the shortlisted ones. MyHallam is scheduled to launch late September.

Further communications showing the look and feel of MyHallam should be out next week.

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