Blackboard Collaborate changes affecting recordings

For the last few years we have been hosted by a Blackboard Collaborate server in Canada rather than an EU one, as an EU server was not available at the time we signed up. However for reasons related to GDPR and to improve performance, we are moving to the EU server in September, with the exact date to be confirmed.

We will also be disabling Blackboard Collaborate Classic, which requires a lengthy Java installation to use. Collaborate Ultra has now caught up in terms of functionality with the Classic version and provides a smoother experience. As such we are turning off access to Classic to avoid confusion and simplify support.

Unfortunately recordings from the Canadian server cannot be transferred to the EU server. If you have any recordings in either version of Collaborate that you wish to retain access to after September, you need to download them and upload them to a media server such as Medial or YouTube (or can be added directly to Blackboard if less than 250Mb in size) before the switch over date, which we will announce as soon as it is set.

Where we have been able to identify individuals with Collaborate recordings we will contact them directly.

If you have any concerns or would like support in moving your recordings, please contact your TEL team who can support you with this.

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