shuspace is changing in September!

The University is replacing shuspace, our current student portal, with a new student portal which will be hosted on the same system that runs our external webpages ( This new student portal will provide some advantages over the current shuspace, such as a modern look and feel, reduced duplication of web content, a better mobile interface, and the potential for more integrations with our systems.

At this time we do not have screenshots to share with you, but will update you throughout the summer as such information becomes available. A screencast and a Word guide to the new portal for students will be made available later.

We are running a competition with students to name the new student portal. Students can suggest names which will be shortlisted before a final decision is made. Students visiting after the new portal goes live (scheduled for w/c 17 September) will be redirected to the new portal.

Important: Blackboard will remain the VLE for the University – there will not be any changes to individual Blackboard module or organisation sites and students will continue to access those sites via the new portal in a similar manner to how they do currently. Staff will also be able to access their Blackboard sites via the new portal, or by going directly to Blackboard.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact Brian Irwin at

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