What is a Digital Identity – And why is it important?

A Digital Identity is information stored online that relates to a single individual. We generate our own with every on-line interaction and the data that we leave behind builds a profile of us – which may not be an accurate representation. It is important to understand what a Digital Identity is, so that you can take control of yours and manage it in a way that meets your needs, and best portrays you professionally.

This short animated video, made by the LEAD Digital Capability team, features Eric Stoller explaining how he defines Digital Identity, and why it is important to manage it. (If you don’t know Eric, he is a higher education consultant, writer, and was the keynote speaker at SHU’s Social Media in Higher Education conference in 2015).



This video, made by the LEAD Digital Capability team, is part of the Digital Essentials course that is currently in development. If you would like to get a preview of the course, and can volunteer to give us feedback, please contact us at lta_multimedia@shu.ac.uk

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