Change to how Turnitin generates reports for multiple uploads

Currently, if you have Turnitin Assignment which you want students to upload their work to, you can set it so that students can upload work an unlimited amount of times up to the due date. In this instance, Turnitin will start generating an originality report for the students’ work immediately when they first upload a file (note that the process of generating the report can take between 5 minutes and 24 hours depending on the complexity of the file). However if they upload another file to that same Turnitin Assignment, the report will not start generating for 24 hours.

From 16 January, there will be a new way that Turnitin handles this scenario. The first four times that a user uploads a file to a Turnitin Assignment, the originality report will start to be generated immediately. Any files uploaded afterwards (fifth and onwards) will have the 24 hour delay before the report starts generating.

We do not have any control over this change and it should take effect for all existing Turnitin Assignments without the need to change any settings.

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