Changes to Bb Support in Blackboard

New Bb Support tab

New Bb Support tab

Following the upcoming Blackboard upgrade (scheduled from 6pm on Friday 5th to midday on Sunday 7th August 2016), there will be changes to the way help and support articles are presented within Blackboard.

‘Where has the Bb Support tab gone?’

The Bb Support tab will move to the right-hand side of the screen and will be found on every Blackboard page and the MySHU tab in shuspace. Clicking on the Bb Support tab now takes you to a list of context sensitive help articles. This means that you’ll be shown only those help and support articles that are relevant to the page you are on. You can also search for other articles in case you don’t find what you want. Students will also see the new Bb Support tab when inside Blackboard sites and it will show them help articles designed for students.

Rather than scrolling through, or searching for, articles when you need help, simply clicking on the Bb Support tab will now take you directly to the articles that you may need. Each time you click on the tab, a page containing links to these articles will open in a new browser window. This means you will not be taken away from the page, or lose anything you were doing, in Blackboard when you clicked the tab for help. You will find both articles customised to reflect the way in which Blackboard is used at Sheffield Hallam (marked with an ‘S’ logo), and a range of other help articles and videos provided by Blackboard (marked with a Blackboard logo). Sheffield Hallam articles should appear first in the list.

Articles that you find useful, or that you find yourself referring to often, can be marked as ‘favourites’. These can then be easily accessed whenever you need them from the ‘My Favourites’ folder on your personal dashboard. If you are unable to find an article that resolves your problem or the question you have is unanswered, by clicking the ‘Contact IT Help’ button at the top of your dashboard you can submit your query directly to IT Help who will respond as soon as possible.

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