OU’s Innovating Pedagogy 2015 report published

HWB-156-PhysiotherapyThe 2015 edition of the Open University’s annual Innovating Pedagogy report has recently been published. Once again, the report offers overviews of a variety of new and emerging teaching approaches and pedagogies, along with information on technologies that are being use to support them.

As usual, the report includes 10 pedagogies, their potential impact, and the anticipated time for the benefits to be realised. The topics are:

  • Crossover learning – “Connecting formal and informal learning”
  • Learning through argumentation – “Developing skills of scientific argumentation”
  • Incidental learning – “Harnessing unplanned or unintentional learning”
  • Context-based learning – “How context shapes and is shaped by the process of learning”
  • Computational thinking – “Solving problems using techniques from computing”
  • Learning by doing science with remote labs – “Guided experiments on authentic scientific equipment”
  • Embodied learning – “Making mind and body work together to support learning”
  • Adaptive teaching – “Adapting computer-based teaching to the learner’s knowledge and action”
  • Analytics of emotions – “Responding to the emotional states of students”
  • Stealth assessment – “Unobtrusive assessment of learning processes”

Each 3-4 page chapter gives a short overview of an approach along with links to further resources to assist in deeper investigation. While some of the approaches may seem somewhat familiar, the report is interesting reading and well-worth a read to help understand alternative ways to engage your students in learning or to put a name to a practice that you have been doing instinctively.

The 2015 edition is available to download and sharing is encouraged, while more information about the previous 2014 edition is available on this blog.

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