Email receipts for assessment submissions via Blackboard

The University will shortly be launching a new feature for our students when they submit an assignment to a Blackboard. After they submit their work, students will receive an email confirming the details of their submission.

Online submissions through Blackboard

The student ā€“ or group of students if it is a group submission ā€“ will get an email confirming who submitted the work, when it was submitted, the module title, the assignment title, and the name of the file(s) submitted, including file size(s). It will also contain the name of the module leader and their email address as well as a link to the relevant faculty helpdesk should further help or support be needed by the student. A copy of the receipt will be saved as a PDF in an area of the Blackboard site teaching staff can access.

All other submissions

At present, there will be no changes to the process for any assessments that are not submitted through Blackboard. The current arrangements around receiving and receipting these assessments will continue.


It is anticipated that this new receipting feature will be launched during July 2015. Further information and guidance will be available on shuspace for both students and staff once the launch date is confirmed and communications will also be cascaded within faculties and via other university communication channels.

This feature is being introduced as part of the improvements being delivered by the Assessment Journey Programme and is a result of student feedback. The benefits include a reduction in anxiety currently experienced by many students due to the lack of a confirmation receipt and this should also help reduce the volume of queries directed to both academic and administrative staff from students questioning whether work has been received.

If you have any queries please or would like further information, please contact the Assessment Journey Programme Team.

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