Blackboard – YouTube Mashup workaround

generic-youtubeA recent change to their service by YouTube has resulted in Blackboard’s ‘Mash-up’ functionality breaking. Blackboard are working on fixing the issue, but the solution is likely to take some time. In the meantime, Blackboard have provided the following set of steps for anyone wishing to add YouTube videos to their module sites:

  1. Open YouTube in your web browser, find and open the video
  2. Copy the address (either from the address bar in your browser or using the ‘Share’ buttons)
  3. Open the editor in the relevant place in the Blackboard module
  4. Select Insert/Edit Embedded Media
  5. Paste the URL into the text box marked ‘File/URL’
  6. Change ‘Type’ to “Embedded Audio”
  7. Click Insert
  8. Add any other information as usual and click ‘Submit’.

The resource will be now be saved, including any embedded YouTube videos.


We will continue to monitor the situation and will restore the YouTube Mashup feature as soon as possible after Blackboard fix the issue.

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