Preparing your 2014/15 PebblePad Workspaces

If you have been using PebblePad Workspaces (i.e. ATLAS) through Blackboard for assessment it is important to note that they are not copied into new Blackboard sites at the start of the year, therefore you will need to add new links in your sites.

After you have added the link to your Blackboard site in the normal way, you should click the link and set up the Workspace. You can copy the settings from an existing Workspace by selecting the “Choose an existing workspace to copy settings and other components from” option and picking the appropriate entry in the list that appears. Select the elements that you want to copy from the next screen and click ‘Finish‘ to set up the new Workspace. You can now make changes to update the Workspace.

After you have copied the old Workspace you should archive it so that it is retained for any future audits. To do this go to the Dashboard and open the old Workspace, click the “Management” button, then the “Archive” button and follow the instructions. Warning: This will lock the Workspace and prevent any further updates. The lock can not be removed, so only do this on Workspaces that are no longer active.

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