Blackboard sites 2014/15

Each year we automatically create copies of Blackboard sites for the coming academic year. This year the process will begin on Monday 2  June and is expected to take about a week to complete. The copied sites include the content from the current year’s site but not the announcements, discussions or Grade Centre columns.

Only 2013/14 sites will be copied automatically. If you need a 2014/5 version of a site which ran in a previous year but not this year, you will need to request this using the link in the Staff Tools channel in shuspace.

Please note that modules with codes ending with a C or N do not get copied automatically, e.g. 12-3456-01C or 23-6543-00N, as this time of year might not be the most appropriate time to create a copy for those type of sites. Some types of organisation sites do not get copied automatically either. To check if your site will be copied automatically or to change the copy setting for your site, please go to your Blackboard Sites channel and select the ‘Manage Settings’ link from the dropdown menu next to the site name. On the next page set it to ‘Copy’ or ‘No Copy’ as required. If your site is not copied automatically, you can still copy the content into next year’s site later.

In addition, the provision of sites will be improved this year and in September we will be creating a new site for the first occurrence of each active module in SI which does not have a Blackboard site already, to help staff meet the minimum expectations of e-learning more easily. More details concerning this process will be made available  in due course.

Module leaders and course leaders will be added to each 2014/15 Blackboard module site automatically based on information in SI. We expect this will reduce issues with accessing Blackboard sites when there is unexpected staff illness.

You will receive an email once the sites have all been copied. At that time we will also send out details of support available to help you set up your new sites. If you have any questions about this please email

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