Turnitin submissions in the Grade Centre

Submissions to Turnitin made by students between 22 January and 29 January 2014 may not have appeared in the Grade Centre. This issue is now resolved, and those submissions should now appear. 

If you have submissions that you think should appear but don’t, you can ‘force’ the submissions to synchronise with the Grade Centre by:

  1. Expand Control Panel and then Site Tools, and choose TurnitinUK Assignments
  2. Click Synch Grades to the right of the Turnitin Assignment name

It is important to note that the date of submission that appears against the work in the Grade Centre may be later than when the student actually made the submission. If you have a need to be concerned about the actual date and time of a submission, this can be viewed by opening the Originality Report, and clicking the View information about this paper button (the exclamation mark in the bottom left of the Report).

How to view information about a Turnitin submission

How to view information about a Turnitin submission from the Originality Report

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