Guest lecture: Tomorrow’s World today – exploring the impact of technology on learning

An internationally renowned expert in e-learning and digital technologies is visiting the University on Wednesday 19 February to host an event for staff exploring the issues and challenges presented by technology trends in higher education.

Professor Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor in Information and Computer Technology at the University of Plymouth, will deliver his guest lecture, ‘Digital Learning Futures: personal, social, global’, presenting his view of what we might expect in higher education in the coming few years as technology continues to develop. He will argue that learning of the future will not only be more personalised, but will rely increasingly on social media and networks and will extend its reach to global populations. The lecture will be followed by a question and answer session where staff will be able to further discuss the issues raised during the presentation.

Professor Wheeler says, ‘We live in an age where technological advances and changes seem to crash on our shores with regularity. Indeed, many are finding it difficult to keep up with technology trends, whilst constantly scanning the horizon for what might be coming next. In education, academics and students are particularly susceptible to change, and rapid changes are often promoted by the emergence of new technologies.

‘But as trends come and go, one thing remains, and that is the essence of the university: to promote quality research and sustainable learning for all. I hope to explore how will we do this in the future with the bewildering array of technology at our disposal? Will things stay the same or will new technologies compel us to change? And what will the future bring us and to what extent will it disrupt our current practices?’

The lecture will take place in D008, Main Building, Collegiate Campus from 1pm – 1.45pm on 19 Feb and places are limited. To book please click here.

Visit Professor Steve Wheeler’s blog here.

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