Case Study: Personalising Inductions for Distance Learners

This case study highlights how the use of Blackboard Collaborate helped a tutor to provide a more personalised induction to students on a distance learning course.

Students on this course were physically based all over the world and the tutor wanted to find a synchronous approach to communicating with his students.

Having selected Blackboard Collaborate as the tool to deliver his sessions, the tutor provided instructions so that his students could familiarise themselves with the tool; then selected a time to deliver his session that would be appropriate for most students.

Created by Jessica Duensing for

Created by Jessica Duensing

The sessions were recorded and posted on Blackboard, so that people who had been unable to attend had an opportunity to see the material that was delivered.

Following the sessions students said they would like to see more course sessions being delivered using Collaborate.  The tutor liked the more personal approach to session delivery and being able to respond immediately to questions the students wanted to ask.

You can read more about this approach by reading the two-page case study entitled: Personalising Inductions for Distance Learners

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