New ‘My Announcements’ channel in shuspace

A new ‘My Announcements’ channel has been launched in shuspace. This new announcements channel collates and lists the names of all announcements posted on all Blackboard sites that you are enrolled, and is structured site by site. Each announcement name links through to the announcements page for that Blackboard site where the full text of the announcements, including links, attachments, etc. can be accessed.

By default the names of all announcements are shown, but there are options to manage this and view only those announcements posted today, or in the last seven or 30 days. 

Clicking on the ‘more announcements…’ link at the bottom of the My Announcements channel takes you to a screen where the full text of all the announcements can be seen on a single page, with filtering options to see announcements from only module or organisation sites, or specific Blackboard sites, that you are enrolled on.

description of new announcements channel in shuspace

New Announcements channel in shuspace

To add the My Announcements channel to your My SHU page:

  1. Click Add Channel in the top left corner of the My SHU page
  2. Search or browse for ‘My Announcements’ and click Add
  3. The My Announcements channel will be added and will appear on your My SHU page.

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