Case Study: Supporting assessment and enabling synchronous communication for distance learning

This case study demonstrates how Blackboard Collaborate has been used to provide a synchronous learning space for distance learners based all over the world.  The tutor wanted to be able to support assessment in the form of live Q & A sessions, and provide an opportunity for students to be able to get to know her and each other better.

Using audio and video in Blackboard Collaborate, the tutor was able to easily explain difficult concepts that students could refer back to as the sessions were recorded. It also allowed her to deliver a ‘face to face’ type experience to her students. photos/jonnygoldstein/

During the session questions were posed by the tutor who then selected students to respond via the chat window. This helped the tutor manage the discussion and ensure all of the students had an opportunity to contribute. The tutor was also able to share relevant documents using the desktop sharing functionality.

Although some students were nervous at first about using unfamiliar technology, after being involved, they requested that more sessions be delivered in this way.

The tutor liked the flexibility of being able to use her iPad to deliver the session and building up a rapport with her students.

You can read more about this approach by reading the two-page case study entitled: Supporting assessment and enabling synchronous communication for distance learning

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