PebblePad is an online environment that supports students and staff with creating, maintaining and sharing e-portfolios. For many years PebblePad has been available only in two faculties, D&S and HWB.  Work is now underway to make it available across the institution.

Later today we will connect PebblePad with single sign-on (which means users will use their University login to access it).  Most PebblePad users currently have different logins or passwords than their University login, so their logins and passwords are changing. All affected users have been notified about the change to how they login. After the login changes are complete we will work to integrate PebblePad with Blackboard so it can be accessed via Blackboard sites and connect with the Grade Centre.

After these steps have been taken to link PebblePad to core institutional systems, we will be ensuring there is sufficient support available for new groups of staff who want to use it as part of their teaching.  We will also be investigating how we can utilise it to support institutional agendas such as professional development and employability.

We will provide further updates as the project progresses.

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