Archiving Blackboard organisation sites

Each year at the start of September we archive Blackboard organisation sites from the previous year (2012/13 in this case). This is to clean up the view for staff and students and ensure the correct Blackboard sites are used in the coming year. This year Blackboard organisation sites will be archived on 16/09/2013. This does not affect module sites.

Some staff have organisation sites which need to remain active until a later time point, such as those for summer cohorts like TARC and Nursing. You can check whether your organisation site will be archived by clicking the double-chevron next to it in the Blackboard Sites channel and selecting Manage Settings. If your organisation shows an end date of Sep 2013 or earlier and it will be required after 16/09/2013, then please select a new end date and click Submit. It may take some time for date changes to be reflected on Blackboard, as they are not processed immediately.

Most organisation sites for 2013/14 have been set up already as part of the copy process that happens in May (if there was one from the previous academic year). If your site was not copied, or you need a new or different organisation site for 2013/14, you should request one by selecting New site/copy existing site on the MySHU tab.

Note that students and staff retain access to module sites from previous years as long as there are any students who took that module still enrolled on the course.

If you need a module site for 2013/14 , then please request one by selecting New site/copy existing site on the MySHU tab.

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